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Dubstep Revolution taking the World by Storm


I love dubstep

It is no surprise that Dubstep came in like a thief in the night and stole the hearts of millions of people. The Dubstep scene is becoming ever more professional and more artists are emerging from the obscurities of clubs and raves. The Internet especially accepted the entire Dubstep movement and with websites such as we have seen the rise of some powerful stars. Even having Skrillex on Youtube’s Comedy week was already phenomenal strides for the genre. Below are a few reasons that helped elevate the good name of Dubstep:

  1. Dubstep can Fuse with every Genre – Yes that’s right. Dubstep is a morphic music in nature meaning that it can easily be integrated with most genres. I have heard so many subgenres and some of them incredibly awesome that I am convinced that Dubstep will be around for a long time
  2. Dubstep is Awesome for Film – An action scene on Dubstep is blissful. For some reason we get to experience the action elements within a scene more if we have robotic wobbles and hard drops in it. Corridor Digital get millions of hits every time they implement Dubstep in their videos. They make millions without it too, but you can definitely notice a spike when Dubstep is involved within their figures.
  3. Dubstep Software is abundant – Not everyone is an artist but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t play around with dubstep. Many people are finding Dubstep production software that provides ample sound libraries allowing people, not just musicians, to play around with the sound.
  4. Dubstep hooks you – Most people that I know don’t particularly like Dubstep but the more they listen to it the more it chisels away at their dubstep barriers.

The more I analyze Dubstep the more I begin to realize that this genre is still in the process of evolution. Dubstep we heard when it first came out is primitive compared to the new techniques and sounds newer DJs have dished out. As composer begin to fuse more music styles together and the more filmmakers implement Dubstep in their films we will begin to only see more acceptance of this super genre. The simplicity of the beats allows, along with the use of technologies such as VST plugins and DAWs, the average user to fall in love with the beat while the well planned out drops and bass lines allow the more serious composer to respect it as well. In addition to this, many people are even now making money with their dubstep music even though they don’t have a “name”. They do this by licensing their music and allowing indie producers to purchase their songs for commercials, performance acts and much more. In the end we’ll find that Dubstep is only going to grow in status. It won’t reign supreme forever but it definitely still has a long enough trajectory left for significant innovation. For those of you thinking about getting into the Dubstep scene it might be a good idea to get your hands on some inexpensive Dubstep Maker Software to experiment with. Once you believe you have the basics down why not throw a party and test out your music. You never know when you have some special dubstep combination that will take the world by storm. The future is wide open for those who are brave enough to jump into the deep end.